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Tucson Area Resources

Newborn Resources
Postpartum Resources
Pregnancy Resources


Pregnancy Resources

Lamaze International

Preeclampsia Foundation

Plus Size Birth: Positive evidence-based plus size pregnancy resources and support

March of Dimes

Every Mother Counts



Doula Info:

Penny Bussell - DONA trainer and doula in Tucson


Birthing Gently Doula Services and Education

Doulas of North America (DONA) - info about doulas and doula finder


International Birth and Wellness Project



Midwife Info:

Wisdom Within Birth - Tucson Midwifery Services


El Rio Certified Nurse Midwives - many resources listed on page, so scroll down!


Mothers Naturally - find a certified midwife

Birthwise Midwifery School - info about midwifery

AZ Association of Midwives


Birth Planning Sheets:


Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics online Birth Planning Tool - click and print.  Also has organic & herbal care products.


Baby Center Birth Planning Worksheet (print and fill-in)

Lamaze Birth Planning Worksheet (print and fill-in)


Breastfeeding Resources:

La Leche League:  Support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding.

Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Breastfeeding support in AZ

Dr Jack Neuman at International Breastfeeding Centre - great resource with online videos

Dr Carolyn Quigley, IBCLC

Vaccination Information:


National Vaccine Information Center: Information for Informed Choices


Vaccination Risk Awareness Network:  Research and information about vaccines.


CDC Recommended Vaccination Schedule


Circumcision Information:


Circumcision Resource Center

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers

Finding a Pediatrician:


WebMD provider search / ratings


Newborn Resources


Newborn Care:Infant and Newborn Care - links on variety of topics


What does a newborn look like?


Coping with Colic - Ask Dr. Sears  (great site for parents)

Postpartum Resources 


Postpartum Depression Resources in AZ

*note, this is a listing of publicly available groups, not a personally vetted list of groups


PPD affects approximately 12 - 20% of women in the first year postpartum.  Many women may suspect they have PPD but be reluctant to seek help because they feel ashamed or guilty.  This can make the mom feel isolated and more depressed and she may even try to hide her feelings from those who can help her most.  Though a personal or family history of depression is a risk factor, even women who have no history of depression can develop PPD.  It can develop gradually and the mother may have both “good” and” bad” days.   Some signs of PPD include:

  • Insomnia or sleep disturbances

  • Sadness, depression, feeling hopeless

  • Change in eating habits

  • Excessive/uncontrollable  crying or irritability

  • Feelings of not being a good mother, feelings of guilt or inadequacy

  • Fatigue or exhaustion

  • Difficulty concentrating or memory loss, confusion

  • Excessive concern for baby’s well being

  • Lack of interest in your baby

  • Fear of “losing control”

  • Lack of interest in your partner/sex

  • Fear of harming the baby or yourself

Tucson Postpartum Support Groups

Postpartum Support International

TMC Tucson Support Group

Online PPD Support group:

For Fathers:



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