The Namaste Healing Team

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Lorie Michaels

I am a healer, an army veteran, an avid learner, a survivor, a mother, a partner, 

a vital participant in life.  The experiences I’ve had – both challenging and joyous – have paved the road toward my own healing and ability to be compassionate & intuitive with others.


My university education is in psychology and chemical dependency counseling. I spent many years working with addiction, behavioral issues & domestic violence. I was driven by a strong desire to help people whose lives reflected my own history. I have been trained in many healing modalities, but have chosen to specialize in those that have been consistently effective and resonate strongly with me.


I chose the name “Namaste Healing” because it reflects one of my core beliefs… that we are all good and sacred beings at our core. That we are partners on this journey & the more we help and honor each other, the better our world becomes.




“I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.  I honor the place in you which is of Love, Integrity, Wisdom and Peace.  When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.”


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Victoria Lynn Hall

I am a storyteller, a cat mom, a creative entrepreneur, a digital activist and a lifelong seeker of higher truth, healing, purpose and meaning.  I believe in art, the magic of kindness, and the power of community.


I was experiencing a plateau with the results I was getting from traditional therapy when I engaged in my first EFT Group meeting with Lorie and I was instantly blown away by how effective and transformative it was.  I had some knowledge of EFT but didn't take to it before the way I did under Lorie's guidance.  Her extraordinary empathy and intuition made all the difference.


During our work together as grassroots volunteer leaders on Marianne Williamson's political campaign, Lorie and I learned that we make a great team and naturally transitioned to supporting each other in our various endeavors once the campaign ended.  


Now, as an official team member of Namaste Healing, I am proud to support and advocate for the healing work Lorie does and the community building we accomplish together.  Healing, like any other worthwhile endeavor, is truly a collaborative effort and I couldn't ask for better collaborators than Lorie and this growing community.