Get out of Pain
and get into Joy


Education, comfort and advocacy.

Make your birth the best it can be.

Stimulate the flow of energy to

promote self-healing.

Release pain, fear, anxiety, past

injuries and trauma.

hi, i'm lorie

Warrior, healer, mother, partner, of my greatest strengths is that I show up and 

I care. 


What is your super power?

Birth Doula

Energy Healing

Pain Management


I have been so pleased and amazed with the direct results I have experienced from my EFT phone sessions with Lorie. 

A fear that had kept me tied in knots has become a "non-issue."

- Paula 

Join my list for occasional blog updates & new tapping videos.  If you have a specific

issue, make a request!  Yours might be the next video! 

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