Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Crazy as it seems, even regarding birth, women have been trained out of trusting their own bodies and inner knowing.

Stress, fears, and underlying blocks can make your conception, pregnancy and birth process rocky.  Starting a new family & new chapter in your life is a much more joyful experience if you shed the old baggage and stories you are carrying.


As a mom, daughter, and doula, I've experienced a plethora of situations, and know the value of having an "outsider" to coach you through trying times.

If you are feeling overwhelmed & stressed (beyond "normal" stress) - let's talk. 

The presence of any person on your birth team should be a comforting fit.  Remember it's your birth. Your life.  Your reality that you are creating.  You don't get a do-over, so make it the best it can be now.