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What Healing Looks Like

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

By Victoria Lynn Hall

Shipwrecked Collage by Victoria Lynn Hall

I was reminded recently of how far I've come, mentally and emotionally, and it made me realize that I had been judging my mental health to some extent by my outer circumstances. Before the pandemic I had made some significant strides in my healing but since then I've been feeling stalled and stranded. But I've only been feeling that way because I was thinking that way. Because I was thinking in terms of what I expected my life to look like when I was more healed and not in terms of what it actually feels like.

I think this latest collage I created (above) really captures how I feel about my healing journey now. Yes, certain aspects of my life have stalled or stopped and the world around me often feels chaotic and messy. But I also feel incredibly blessed by all the beauty and wonder that surrounds me and I am able to allow myself to feel the joy that comes from that while still facing the continuing challenges of life. I am able to have moments of peace even when I am in conflict with other people. I am able to have moments of laughter even when I am also grieving my losses. And I am able to recognize that even when things aren't going well, I can still be well; that my mental health is not at the mercy of my day to day circumstances.

That is truly something to treasure.


Here's some videos that might help you with accepting and loving yourself and your life no matter what your circumstances look like:

Self Love

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