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Stress Less, Bless More

By Victoria Lynn Hall

I think one of the reasons the holiday season can be so stressful for people is because we have built so many expectations around it. But do you ever stop and ask yourself where those expectations are coming from? I have often felt that something was expected of me only to find out it really wasn't when I asked people or just stopped doing it. I've also rediscovered joy in certain tasks when I realized I didn't have to do them but I wanted to do them, transforming something that was stressing me to something that was a blessing to myself and others through a simple shift in attitude.

What are your expectations for this time of year and how does that compare to your wants and needs? Are there some ideas, tasks, or even people that it might be time to let go of? Or do you simply need to shift how you think about them? Can you make this time of year a time of healing and blessing and not just a time of stressing? Where would you even start?

I'm a tad biased but I think Lorie's free tapping videos are a good jump start to a self care practice that helps you get beyond the noise of expectations and tune in to your inner wisdom. If you haven't checked out her Holiday Self Care series yet, you can find them on our Patreon Page. Or learn how you can work one on one with Lorie by clicking here.

Some other ideas for self care and self reflection for the holiday would be to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to meditate, write in a journal, take a walk or dance, just sit quietly alone or with a beloved pet... anything that will help you to let go of your to do list for awhile and ask yourself what tasks would really honor your energy.

Whatever you do, remember that what truly makes us happy is ultimately what will make the people who love us happy as well.



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