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Remembering Your Worthiness

By Victoria Lynn Hall

As I was following along with Lorie on her latest tapping video (part 3 of the Holiday Self Care series: Childhood Memories) I was feeling like maybe this one just isn't for me. That happens sometimes and it is perfectly okay. Not all of us are dealing with the same issues at the same time. But because Lorie is my friend and collaborator, I followed along anyway; choosing just to listen rather than repeat the words; paying attention to any feeling of stress or tension that rose up in my body and releasing it with my breath.

At some point, however, my mind started to wander: why does this stuff have to be so complicated?, I thought, how do I know when to have boundaries and when to be open? How do I know who I am safe with and who is going to betray my trust? How do I accept that people are doing the best that they can but also know when to ask for what I need or when to walk away from people?

Self Care is all about remembering your worthiness.

Lorie saying this brought my awareness back to my body, I let out a breath and along with it went the confusion I was just feeling, I felt my feet firmly on the floor and rose up straighter in my chair and I couldn't help but smile as I indulged myself in the whimsical act of reaching up to straighten the invisible crown on my head.

That's how, a calm but firm voice within me said, and I knew she was right.


My holiday wish for all of us is that we remember how very worthy we are of the gift of love, the blessing of forgiveness, the courtesy of being heard and having all of our feelings honored - and that even when we are denied these by others, we continue to give them to ourselves.

Happy Holidays and Namaste,


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