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Practice Gratitude

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What's the common denominator for folks who come from a place of worthiness & anticipating that others are doing the best they can? Some sort of active gratitude practice.

What is your way of taking a moment every day and noticing the good? You don't have to journal or shout your joy to the rooftops. It can be as simple as reframing your response to things. Instead of "dang...that jerk almost hit me" your response can be "wow...I'm glad I noticed that car moving into my lane!" Feeling grateful not only paves the way to living a more whole-hearted life, it also lowers your cortisol levels, so you are healthier!

Note: being grateful does not preclude feeling all of your emotions. Gratitude isn't an either/or way of being. It's an AND. If that car had actually hit me, I'd be pretty angry, scared, and shook up. AND I'd probably be grateful that it wasn't worse than it was. And that I have car insurance. And....

Getting outside and appreciating nature is a great gratitude kickstarter. Check out this picture I took at the beach. Every time I look at this sky I am in total awe. Sunsets were a really good idea, eh?

What are you noticing today that you are grateful for?

Here are a few from my day today - note that small things count:

The CVS employee gave me my covid test even though I was 25 minutes early (thank you!)

Another dog showed up at the dog park so we had someone to play with!

My friend found my favorite coffee creamer for me (you rock, Betsy!!)

The animals are being so sweet & calm.

I remembered to run by the library on my way home.

I saw this great photo of the beach and my heart opened and I started a blog post about gratitude!

Stop for a few seconds and make your own list. Be generous. Be loving. Enjoy small gifts.

You deserve to celebrate your victories and changes.

And for my cerebral are some studies and talks on the beneficial effects of gratitude .

You're welcome! 😇

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