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Maintaining Boundaries - Holiday Self Care Part 1

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

By Victoria Lynn Hall

The First Video in our Holiday Self Care series is now available at this link:

Maintaining Boundaries - Holiday Self Care Part 1

Lorie did a great job, discussing issues that I think most people can relate to when it comes to our families and other people we encounter during the holidays. She also not only provided what I found to be an enlightening tapping sequence but a beautiful, empowering and soothing visualization/meditation. It is something I know I can return to whenever I feel the need to come back to myself.

The quote above is from the tapping sequence and exemplifies the lesson I came away with. I actually wasn't sure this video would bring up anything for me because I felt like I've been pretty good at maintaining boundaries with my family lately. However, I quickly recognized the guilt I felt surrounding that and my worry that I was being selfish. Through this tapping sequence I was able to realize that setting boundaries for myself wasn't just what was right for me but was right for everyone and this gave me a peace I didn't even realize I was longing for. Thank you, Lorie!

I'm looking forward to hearing about what came up for others in our virtual Holiday Self Care Group meeting this coming Monday, December 6th at 3-4pm PT, 4-5pm MT, 5-6pm CT, 6-7pm ET via Zoom. We hope you can join us. Click here to register.

You can also share your experience with this video in the comments here or on the video itself. Your feedback helps Lorie give us all the best healing experience possible.

Once again, reach out to me or to Lorie if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon.



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