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Holiday Self Care

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

By Victoria Lynn Hall

"The Holidays are stressful." Are you nodding your head right now? Do you know a lot of people who would agree with this statement? Why do we just accept that statement as true? Shouldn't we look at that? Several things have happened in my life over the last decade or so that have forced me to look at it. The biggest one was the fact that I have a chronic pain condition and yet it still took a few years before I realized that the payoff for forcing myself to go through the rigor of putting up holiday decorations only to have to take them down again a month or two later was not worth the literal pain it caused me. But don't I miss the twinkle lights, you might ask? No, because it turns out you can put up twinkle lights anywhere you want them and keep them there as long as you want!

I'm not saying you shouldn't decorate if that is something you love to do. What I am saying is that there are no rules. Traditions have their value and their place but they shouldn't keep us from being happy or healthy.

Of course, we can't just avoid all of the stress in our lives at any time and there's bound to be some unavoidable situations that are triggering to us during the holidays. But can we learn to look at these as opportunities for learning, growth and healing? Can we be mindful of both our choices and how we react to the choices of others so that we can learn to reduce the stress and amp up the joy people sing about this time of year?

I think we can but it is going to be a lot more likely if we commit to practicing self care and have support from people who are experiencing challenges that are similar to ours. This is why I am so excited about the Holiday Self Care Series that Lorie and I are creating. As Lorie explains in her introductory video, she will be guiding us through 4 different tapping sessions related to common themes and issues we experience during the holidays through FREE VIDEOS that will be released on our Patreon site. We welcome you to leave your feedback in the comments there and let us know what your experience is while tapping along and what, if any, additional issues come up for you. Reach out to me or to Lorie if you have any questions.



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