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Get Real

What to hide...what to share...what is safe...what is real...what have I created for self-preservation?

This image really touches on thoughts I’ve been working on lately.

As I recreate my world and design life according to what I really want, can I just BE ME?

Of course I have to be professional in my professional roles, but I like to be able to show love and appreciation to the people I am working with. From the get-go I want to enter relationships with authenticity and expecting good. Doesn't that sound radical?!?

In "You Are a Badass", Jen Sincero talks about marrying her work life with her passion and finally feeling like she was "doing it right." I work with trauma survivors, and I work with school administrators....and I love so much about both relationships. It's almost wacky that I even need to think about whether it's ok to be warm and fuzzy with the folks I sell software to. The transacted "item" might be different, but I care very much about my software folks.

Here's a total mind-warp: You want people to like you and think you are "for real," so you alter your behavior to what you think they might like/approve of....which is inauthentic. Yet we've all done it at some point. And often kick ourselves later wishing we would have honored ourselves in the moment. Human beings are so interesting.

So my goal, as I move forward working with more people in new states, is to allow my love to show through. To be brave enough to say loving things, to allow vulnerability, to show up in all of my glory, and to create the connections I want to have in my work & personal life. If you are in my new territory, be ready to have a new friend, not just get some awesome software. 🤗

What about you? Where do you want to show up more? Are you loving you for you?

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