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Day 9 & feeling fine....

If you've jumped on the Yoga with Adriene'll know she loves those kinds of titles. Day 8 was "Meditate"...and the practice was 28 minutes long. See a pattern?

I've been fortunate to have friends who want to do yoga with me - sometimes sitting right next to me, and sometimes via facetime. I love the close proximity sessions, but I'm so happy to be remote yoga buddies too! My sister lives 1500 miles away, but we do yoga together as many nights as possible. Yay for us!

I have learned a few things over this first week of the new 30 day yoga practice.

~ I can be a tad impatient. In most areas I think I'm really really patient (which may just be my perception)...but I am feeling a bit challenged by the amount of explanation Adriene is sharing. I can definitely feel my desire to "get a move on" bubbling up.

~ That kind of feeds into the other thing I've noticed about my yoga-self. I am geared up for a workout when I fire up Yoga with Adriene. My usual playlist is the "yoga for weigh loss" list, so I get some good work in. The relaxing, meditative aspects of the practice are not as easy for me.

~ I have also learned that if I create systems for myself, it's MUCH easier to stick with a program.

  • Printing out the calendar for the month long yoga program was a great help.

  • I get a daily pep talk email from Adriene for the duration of "Dedicate"

  • Getting the daily flip calendar for the Course in Miracles lessons has been wonderful too.

  • I have two different email reminders / explanations of each daily lesson that hit my inbox at 9am & 1pm

  • I am accountable to my yoga partners for yoga.

  • I am accountable to me for ACIM...and it's important to me.

I am feeling very blessed to be healthy and to love myself enough to do good things for me. I am a caretaker & doer, usually for other people, so this is a huge gift to myself. I wish the same for you...that you can fuel yourself with whatever feeds your passion & helps you find what feels good.

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