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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I started thinking about what actions I'm taking to love & care for myself. action is to state out loud (or write on my blog) what I intend for myself. Create some accountability. Put it out there. Let the universe know I'm serious & ready for the good stuff.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from my Course in Miracles calendar:

"We must commit ourselves to incorporating the conditions that foster peace and serenity into our daily lives. So much inside of us can flourish when we turn off the worldly noise. The search for inner peace is a lifestyle decision."

You betcha. I'm making the decision.

My Mission:

I am surrounding myself with uplifting and supportive people, books, music, activities and thoughts.

Some specifics:

I'm committing to Tuesday night Course in Miracles talks with Marianne Williamson

I'm committing to a daily yoga practice with Adriene. New 30 day challenge starts January 1!

I'm taking 5 minutes in the morning before life gets wound up to stop, breathe, and send love ahead.

Wishing peace and love for you.

#joy #journey #peace

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