What am I creating?

I'm reading a book that I expected to be fluff, but has turned out to be very eye-opening (for me, anyway). The part of the plot that is stirring introspection is a very successful, controlled, with-it woman who suddenly realizes her beautifully structured life is a safety net - or maybe self-imposed limitations...not a path to joy. A place where she feels important and in control. And the scary, out of control, messy places...they're best kept at bay because they could hurt. Makes you think, eh?

So now I'm taking inventory of the places where I'm staying safe, and the places where I could stand to loosen up to make some room for joy.

Here's the book...just in case you want to check it out. Maybe it'll be fluff for you, and maybe it will be a jumping off point for your own list.

#growth #mindset #joy

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