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The Journey of a Thousand Li...

Welcome! If you are anything like me and hundreds of people I know, you've been dabbling in healing and growth for EVER.

Sometimes we spend years hearing basically the same messages…they sound good, but it's fairly easy to let them flow in one ear and back out the other without much sticking power. And sometimes a pearl will stick with you and make a difference. Different voices and ways of presenting information resonate differently depending on the listener and where they are in the moment.

In this blog I plan on sharing some of the great ideas and processes that I've had the pleasure of experiencing. Sometimes, I even took the radical step of following through on some of the advice! I'd also love to hear from you about what words of wisdom or slaps upside the head have made you want to make changes.

That's one beautiful gift of a thriving virtual community…we can help each other along.

Share the love!


- Lorie

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