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Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

My university education is in psychology and chemical dependency counseling. I spent many years working with addicts, behavioral issues & domestic violence. I was driven by a strong desire to help people whose lives reflected my own history. How I wish I had known EFT during my tenure working in treatment centers and shelters!

EFT came into my life amidst my corporate career years, while looking for a stress reduction solution. I watched EFT founders Gary Craig & Adrienne Fowlie help someone completely dissolve a life-long issue in a few hours, and I was totally hooked on EFT.

In my own personal use of EFT, I have found relief from chronic TMJ & headaches and released some long-standing emotional issues that 32 years of intermittent talk-therapy didn’t touch. Let me tell you, when something really painful suddenly disappears, it’s an eye opener!

It has taken a few years for EFT to become an “art” for me, but it is now the primary tool in my wellness practice. EFT accelerates healing in such an astonishing and easy manner… it’s truly hard to believe unless you try it yourself.

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