Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is similar to acupuncture, but uses tapping techniques instead of needles to clear disruptions in your energy system.  EFT is simple to use; you focus on the issue you want to resolve while tapping gently on energy meridians. EFT is startlingly effective; many people feel relief from even intense anxiety after a single 60 - 90 minute session. Emotional issues can surface during EFT sessions, but the goal of EFT is to reduce the charge, and therefore the impact of emotional issues. 


EFT is effective in reducing stress, relieving pain, reducing effects of trauma, alleviating fears & phobias, weight loss, smoking cessation…just about anything!


Learn more about EFT in this video

Research and additional information on EFT for Veterans

Gary Craig, creator of EFT's web site, has articles regarding using EFT with almost any situation you can imagine.


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