Coaching with Lorie

How do we supercharge your growth & healing process?

On your part - you decide.  Decide that you are going to show up and give it your all.


One of my favorite quotes is "Showing up is 80% of the process.  The rest we'll figure out together."

For my part - I will be curious about you, your motivation, your history, what you are still carrying with you, where your limiting beliefs come from, what brings you joy, what you need to be doing to be in alignment with your values and purpose....and I will reflect all of that back to you.  When we bring things to light, we can work with them.

Our process helps uncover the awesome you that you've learned to squelch.  This applies to hurdles you are working on in business, relationships, spirituality, name it.  It's your life, your body, your reality....and you have the ability to shift any part of that.

No two people are the same.  You're not even the same you tomorrow that you are today.  The journey to creating the life you want will be different for each of us each day.  The consistent part is that we show up, be honest, be present, and do the work.

I look forward to exploring that journey with you.