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Childbirth Education

"An informed pregnancy is an empowered pregnancy."
-Lamaze International

Virtual or In-Person (Tucson Area) Childbirth Education Class
3-Hour Private - $150.00 

This class will provide expectant parents with a general overview of topics.

Content is customized to your personal birth preferences.   

I am a certified Lamaze instructor and trained in Spinning Babies protocols.


In this class, we will:

  • Explore anatomy, signs of labor and timing contractions

  • Identify the different stages and phases of labor 

  • Explore and practice comfort measures and relaxation techniques for birth

  • Review pain management options and non-pharmacological pain relief methods

  • Review interventions and cesarean birth

  • Address postpartum recovery and care of birthing person and newborn

  • Optional: guided meditation and stress reduction for pregnancy and birth

  • Optional: energy work and exercises (solo or partner assisted) for pregnancy

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