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Pregnancy & Birth Services

Childbirth is one of the most empowering events in a birthing person's life. My wish for you is to know what your options and desires are for your best birth. For you to be seen, heard, and honored during this amazing life transition.


You matter.  Your choices matter.

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Crazy as it seems, even regarding birth, women have been trained out of trusting their own bodies and inner knowing.

Stress, fears, and underlying blocks can make your conception, pregnancy and birth process rocky.  Starting a new family & new chapter in your life is a much more joyful experience if you shed the old baggage and stories you are carrying. Learning about evidence-based childbirth choices can guide your decision making process.  And it should be your decision.  Too many parents tell me that they'd have done something differently "if they'd only known." I never want to hear that from the people I care for.  

My wish for all birthing people:

  • Get educated.  Do not be the person who regrets decisions later because you didn't know better.

  • Find a doula who resonates with you, supports your vision, and can give you research-based information.

  • Create a healthy, natural, fulfilling birth experience. 

My own personal doula and education style is to be fairly brassy and loving. Laughing during labor is a regular occurrence. Let's figure out what you want, what is healthy, and what your backup plans are, AND be nurturing and loving to you while you're prepping for your huge changes. I am extremely patient, loving and solid...and we have a time limit, so let's get the party started.


Remember it's your birth.  Your life.  Your reality that you are creating. 

You don't get a do-over, so make it the best it can be now.

hi, i'm lorie

I partner with women in

healing and transformation

by empowering them to step into their best, most beautiful lives.


I have been so pleased and amazed with the direct results I have experienced from my sessions with Lorie. 

A fear that had kept me tied in knots has become a "non-issue."

- Paula 

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